Corporations are Psychopaths

A Call for the Separation of Corporation and State
by Carol Ann Ciocco

“There are psychopathic personalities in the highest echelons…You can’t just assume that a person…got there honestly and won’t manipulate the hell out of you.”

–Personal communication from Psychologist Schreibman to H. Cleckley, 2/10/86 Sourced from:

Democrat vs Republican: just a smokescreen for the real problem

First of all, I must confess: I am torn between two parties. I am a hybrid. I am part Democrat, part Libertarian. And let me tell you, in this extremely polarized political climate, this is a painful place to be.

I am a Democrat because I believe in universal health care (yes! The dreaded public option! OMG the Republicans might hang me! Help!) Why am I for the public option? Because for me Health Care Reform is NOT so much about big government as it is about stopping the insane greedy Health Insurance Companies who because of selfish rapacity kill people left and right by denying them coverage due to pre-existing conditions, post-existing conditions and various absurd technicalities. Anything to save money.

I am a Democrat because I think government DOES have a duty and responsibility to care for the basic needs of its citizens, especially those who are disadvantaged. I believe it is a MORAL imperative to do so. I see a serious lack of compassion in the Republican viewpoint in this regard.

Listen, don’t look at me to figure out how we will pay for it. That’s what government officials are supposed to do! They are supposed to come up with plans for this sort of thing. And not just taxing the already burdened American people! If our government officials were running the country in a sound, sane manner – i.e. not racking up mind-blowing debt, not puppets to corporations, and not starting pre-emptive useless wars that cost millions and millions of dollars – they could come up with something to pay for what is essential and within the rights of its citizens.

And yet I am a Libertarian because I value – and demand – Personal Liberty, practicing within the limits of the Constitution, and sound fiscal conservatism. The Democrats ARE guilty of taxing too much. Absolutely. It’s a no brainer that we need a stream-lined budget with NO federal deficit. Our current federal deficit is trillions of dollars. You have GOT to be kidding me! That would be like me, who earns a modest living, being $1 million in debt. Who does that? The US government, that’s who.

I am a Libertarian because I want to End the Fed. The Fed is the biggest Ponzi Scheme/scam that has ever been perpetrated on the American people. It’s brilliant really, if you look at it from a distant vantage point – i.e. if you are not being snuffed out by it. You think Bernie Madoff is bad? Ha! The Fed is more like a diabolical mastermind seeking World Domination, compared to Bernie Madoff, who is incredibly pathological but more like a snake-oil salesman, cackling because he can get away with his crippling shenanigans.

I therefore love, adore and cherish Ron Paul. End the Fed. Do it. Now. If we don’t, then this country is going down the tubes economically. Once we are down the tubes economically, then all bets are off. Superpower? Not anymore. We are already owned by China (yes that is who we are borrowing from to maintain that squizillion dollar debt. How did you think we were pulling it off?)

Oh and another factor – The Fed just prints up another batch of Monopoly Money (and I do mean MONOPOLY literally) and hands it out to banks, who then magically transform it into 6 figure bonuses and luxe private planes.

End the Fed. You’ll thank me (and Ron Paul) later. When the dollar – now valued at .08 cents, last I heard – crashes, what are you going to do? Carry $10 to he grocery store in a wheel barrow like they did in post-war Germany. We all need to educate ourselves about this, because this is where we’re headed if someone doesn’t wise up and start implementing sound (Austrian) economics – instead of the Keynesian system in place now.

Oh and one more thing about the Fed: it is a CORPORATION. That’s right, a corporation. The American people take it at face value based on its name – FEDERAL Reserve. Trust me, it is not Federal nor is it a reserve. It is a counterfeit operation and Goldman Sachs et. al run it in the shadows.

Did you know that the Arabs and Chinese and other major world powers are considering stopping the trading of oil in US dollars. No? Didn’t see it on CNN or your local news, did you? People! This is a red light/siren going off. We need to wake up. The news says: economic recovery is at hand. Can it be when the dollar is worth almost nothing and unemployment is at 10%? Ten percent, think about that.

Ron Paul (a former Libertarian who ran as a Republican in the 2008 presidential election) is against pre-emptive war, did you know that? His voting record in Congress is impeccably integrous: he will not vote for anything that is not backed by the Constitution. You don’t see this much nowadays.

The only thing is when I see him in photos with Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater, I cringe. My poor soft little liberal heart feels hurt and frightened. If only he could run as a Libertarian and not a Republican! But we don’t have a 3rd party system in this country. That’s a rant for another blog.

However, and I am certain of this: Under our current system, if Ron Paul runs in 2012, he will be bought and sold JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER CANDIDATE IS AND HAS BEEN. You see, it takes quintillions of dollars to run a presidential campaign and in order to raise that kind of money, a person has to sell their soul to large corporations. It should be dirt cheap to run for president. That might fix things.

The Real Problem: Corporations Rule The World

In my opinion: what will REALLY fix things is this one idea: The Separation of Corporation and State (keeping in mind that Democratic Capitalism, a la Michael Moore can work – it is CORPORATISM that is the enemy).

All other evils in the world would virtually disappear if we separated corporations (profit before people) and state (in its most ideal form: fiscally sound democratic government where the People have a voice). Some examples:

Pre-emptive war wouldn’t be necessary because Halliburton wouldn’t need to make money off of our children, killed brutally on the battlefield IN THE NAME OF PROFIT AND OIL (same thing).

Health care wouldn’t be the sin that it is today, because health would be considered a value, a right in our society, instead of using sickness as a means to make profit.

Environmental issues would be lessened because companies wouldn’t have to sell deadly materials or dump chemicals, putting profit above our very existence on the planet.

Today’s sickening mass foreclosures wouldn’t have happened because banks wouldn’t have felt the need to sell toxic mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. And hopefully the people would have resisted the ubiquitous keep-up-with-the-jones’ advertising all around them whispering in their ear: you can have anything you want regardless of income! Free and easy credit! Here’s a McMansion, no questions asked! Perhaps if these people were be living in a more sane culture based in integrity and solid values, they would have made a more rational choice.

Corporations are Psychopaths

Corporations are in charge of this world. And their conglomerate personality is that of a psychopath. At the highest level we have two things:

Greedy men (yes, mostly men) who could care less about humans and even want to liquidate them into “Dead Peasants” as soon as possible (see Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” to understand this reference); and

Boards of Directors who care only for the-bottom-line because that is their duty to the shareholders. Nothing wrong with that! Unless they have no moral compass on how their actions may affect human beings in ways having little to do with profits.

Taken together, these two things create a psychopathic personality on the corporate level. These corporations and their sick leaders are then driven to serial killing due to greed (a terrifying blood lust to consume and destroy material things – including forests, ice caps, oceans, earth, and humans – earthly beings with flesh-and-blood bodies.

Capitalism on its face isn’t wrong! And in my opinion, socialism is not the answer. Like we want to stand in lines for a roll of toilet paper. Come on already. But unfettered corporate-driven capitalism, when in bed with government, is the worst kind of terrorism. The Al Quada can’t hold a candle to it.

Profits before people – that is true terrorism and the primary evil on this planet right now Pure corporatism = the ‘powers and principalities’ mentioned in the Bible. Materialism has its place, but when there is no Spirit or basic morality/compassion involved, good and innocent people suffer and die.

The reason this has gone on for so long is because We The People are oblivious to these realities. We are on prozac, hypnotized by reality tv, and shopping at Walmart for leisure. It’s only now that we seem to be waking from the stupor – but only marginally (is it too little, too late? Time will tell.)

This psychopathic hellish corporate-government marriage permeates all levels and all realms of our world. It is so all-pervasive we don’t even know it’s there. We are the fish swimming in the water of insane corporatism which has free rein over Everything – especially government, which then has powerful impact on our day-to-day lives.

In Michael Moore’s movie “Capitalism: A Love Story” he ends the movie by putting police tape around Wall Street big banks. His point: it’s a crime scene. He is absolutely right.

Corporations Own the Government

The government is in bed with a bunch of criminals. They are sleeping with the Enemy. Corporatism is the Mafia of our times. Dressed up in suits and ties and driving BMWs with state-of-the-art gadgets, they shake us down every week. And we just keep paying.

Corporate for-profit government CUTS ACROSS ALL PARTIES AND ALL GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS. I am positively certain that Obama has made deals with Big Pharma and the Big Insurance Companies. I personally feel that’s why he has been lame (face it Dems he has been LAME) in his approach to demanding health care reform. I ‘feel’ a difference in his demeanor since he was elected. He is not the same person. He is owned – bought and sold. Just like they all are. And, truly, how can it be otherwise. He has to kiss the ring of the hand that fed him – the ones who got him there. Yes we can? A change we can believe in? Sure, as long as the corporations agree, i.e. as long as they won’t lose money in the deal.

For an absolutely powerful one-minute glimpse into Bought and Sold Presidents, go to comedian the late-great Bill Hicks’ Myspace page and click on “The Elite” in the playlist. Here you will find a simple and profound description of how this works.

The question each politician should ask themselves before they run for office is: can I be bought? And: what is my price? My amateur guesstimate is 80-90% of government individuals and entities are bought and sold. Period. End of Story. (Right now I believe Ron Paul is in that 1%. He is so rare, I couldn’t believe it when I encountered him.)

The question each presidential candidate should ask themselves is: How badly do I want to be president within this current barbaric, fall-of-the-Roman-Empire system? Am I ok with selling my soul? Many just say no (Colin Powell comes to mind). Others do their best to try and make SOME change within the Corporate-run System (In my opinion Obama is in this category). Others relish it and thrive on it, like a vampire drinking the blood of humans. They didn’t need their soul anyway (Dick Cheney Dick Cheney Dick Cheney – the Darth Vader of this Planet – is absolutely in this category).

Doesn’t matter who is president or vice-president. They all do it. They HAVE to, in order to survive in the echelons.

Therefore, in conclusion: Corporations are psychopaths run by serial killers. Government has set up permanent residence in their pockets. These beings in these echelons (all except a very rare few)) are all about the bling and could give a rat’s behind about human beings.

The Separation of Corporation and State. For me, that is the answer. (P.S. End the Fed.)

For more of my never-have-an-effect-but-gotta-get-it-outa-my-system ranting, follow me on Twitter:


Here are some links on the Truth about the Financial Reserve:

The following three videos – from a movie called Zeitgeist  – are an excellent explanation of The Fed. Please take the time to watch them. These 3 videos are approximately 9 minutes each, for a total of about 30 minutes. They are part of the movie, which is about 1 hour in length. I highly recommend you watch these three in order to get a feel for what the Fed really is:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Here is one of MANY Ron Paul videos on the subject of the Fed (see for more) The subject of this video is ‘The Fed is the World’s Counterfeiter’:

The Crash Course – this is a very easy-to-understand description of how our economy works and the US’s growing economic quagmire. The following link will take you to the home page. Click on the link for Chapter 8, entitled The Fed & Money Creation (7 minutes). There are 20 Chapters total. If you can find the time, it is highly enlightening to (and I highly recommend that you) watch all 20 Chapters. But at the very least, watch this 7 minute video which will blow your mind:

And finally – Ron Paul’s book: End the Fed (go buy it)

Here are some links on the subject of Corporations as Psychopaths:

Corporations as Psychopaths

Corporation – legal personality with a psychopath’s traits

Real power in America doesn’t reside in citizens, or the government, but in corporations.


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