Who is to Blame for America’s problems

Plenty if people to blame here…can’t blame just the lawyers in congress, blame their clients–that’s right– the stupid, greedy, short-sighted clients who will stop at nothing to make a quick buck but refuse to acknowledge their despoiling of our environment and ravaging of our precious natural resources in the name of next quarter’s financial results. Blame the merchant bankers and private equity/LBO funds who have shipped American jobs overseas for years. Blame the financial engineers of Wall Street, who expect all their losses to be SOCIALIZED even as their profits remain PRIVATE and whose activities produced no jobs, only paper profits; blame the takeover artists who have gutted our industrial capabilities, all aided and abetted by our corporate laws and tax laws. And blame the government for failing to adequately police and supervise the financial markets because lawmakers are enthralled by the $$ showered upon them by private interests and lobbyists.  We can blame main stream media for largely letting corporate interests get in the way of honest and truthful journalism.  MOST importantly let us blame ourselves for continuing to see all this happening right under our noses  and continuing to believe the endless rhetoric of easily manipulated politicians who promise too much or too little.

We have continued to accept pointless debate over stupid issues.  America is dying from within like every great civilization has before but we still have time to stop it.


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