Independants – 3rd Party Movement

I along with others are continually reminded of the economic hardships we face.  Along with possibilities of them worsening by the day.  This alone would be reason to believe we are still facing a still declining economy.  Though we see this and are spoon fed lies of how we are out of the gutter with pictures of the rising Dow brought on in part by the dollar decline.  Also we see health care debate about whether or not insurance companies will reform themselves or should we (the government) reform them.  All meanwhile two wars are raging in the middle east and Americans along with others are dying without any real strategy of success or exiting these wars.  The problems have been echoing among the strained voices of people across the country Democrats and Republicans alike.

Nothing is getting better in any aspect of economic, health care, foreign policy, or even civil liberties.  Instead they have arguably gotten worse.  This is the symptom of the two party system the U.S. has had over many years.  Big corporations fund both sides of the aisle and the policies have started to mirror one another.  Republican candidates give lip service to limited government and spending but have yet to actually do this.  Democrats promise to insure and help the poor/middle man get the same opportunities as the ‘elites’ but haven’t done this (NAFTA democratically passed shipped off many jobs that middle Americans held).


The education system and infrastructure of this country are beginning to crumble yet nothing has been done….

I foresee a near future where a Third party rise either by progressive Libertarians or just plain independents who don’t vote in packs for fear of party reprisal.  People are fed up with the continued nonsense coming from capital hill and will start to break from the red and blue ideology.  Instead of a real populist movement for change it is channeled through a split divide of party lines arguing over if one another is more communist or redneck than the other.

Only real change can come from those who break from the party train of thought and recognize the real solutions to the problems we face without having to appease their fellow GOP or DNC members.

Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company.


In his 1796 farewell, Washington warned: “The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism.”



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4 responses to “Independants – 3rd Party Movement

  1. TGIF!!!! Once again a great post… For some reason this post brings out the pessimistic girl inside me that only come out once in a while. So here she is …. Regardless of political party I feel like politics will go on as usual. After the meetings are done and talk is over, all politicians on a national level play “dirty”. A 3rd party movement in my opinion would bring as much change as it would continuity. I guess I have never been one for titles… Thanks for adding me to your blogroll… your on mine!!! Take care blog buddy! Have a great weekend!

  2. The “American Economy,” is no longer small individual enterprises of rugged individualists competing to become bigger than they were!
    To survive and compete in todays global market, you have to lose your individualist identity, and become a part of a large conglomerate, a Global Multi National Corpotation. You have to become a part of a global enterprise that is larger and more powerful than most governments, in order to be a player in the world of “Free Enterprise!”
    You can believe that you are a small businessman opperating a small business and that you and your kind are the foundation that makes America great. You can believe that, and the world will continue to laugh at you. You Libertarians are lost inside the no longer existing past! Wake up and face our present day global reality.
    Every educated person knows, or should know, that everything on the planet is structured to evolve so as to survive inside a changing environment. If anything or anyone does not or cannot make a necessary adjustment to a changing environment, that what exists will no longer be able to exist into the future!
    Capitalism has grown into the stage of “Globalism,” because it is the only way that capitalism can evolve and grow, and not die and not realize it’s full potential.
    Capitalisim cannot move back into the way it was during the early history of America, just like a old man cannot recapture his youth.
    If you allow yourself to view the world scientificaly, you cannot help but come to the conclusion that the only possible alternative to a Free Market Economy is a Controled Market Economy, and the only possible alternative to a “World Controled Market Economy is a “World Planned Market Economy” that is designed to profit the entire planet without discrimination!

    • small business is the driving force in innovation and employs more than 50% of the population…. so i will laugh at you. Im glad your suggesting we change from a great system that has advanced our living standards exponentially to communism a system that is proven to have failed. Basically your suggesting we move from the age of enlightenment to the dark ages again. Your Utopian idea of socialism is flawed.

      • lol no, no, no I am not suggesting that we move to “the dark ages”. Despite my previous post, I do believe in the people and believe in change and socialism is not the answer. The tricky thing is, I am not sure if there is a flat out “answer” to all the problems we face as a government. I do believe that it is crucial that we break away from the typical Democratic & Republican stance and gain a perspective of our own that can lead us into the future. Isn’t that the premise our nation was built on? I guess just like our government we all are flawed and so are our ideas. As a conflicted young millenial I try to stay optimistic of the future and on that note… may real solutions prevail!!!!! 🙂

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