The Feds Upside Down Pyramid Scheme

Exter's Pyramid

Fellow Humans:

I quote Hans-Hermann Hoppe:

“A state, in accordance with generally accepted terminology, is defined as a compulsory territorial monopolist of law and order (an ultimate decision maker). “

(“On the impossibility of Limited Government and the Prospects for a Second American Revolution”

In those rare moments in history where a group of people have won their freedom and attempted to preserve their freedom for future times and generations they have resorted to various means to try to preserve it, as history records: monarchy, democracy, oligarchy, and so on up to the 18th century when a minority of Americans tried using a republic with strictly limited powers as granted in a constitution. Any such endeavor that grants a territorial monopoly of law and order must ultimately fail. (Failure in the sense that it must sooner or later cease to be efficacious in preserving life, liberty and property of the people in general and become a tool of plunder by the few against the many).

To be brief: the characteristics inherent in a monopoly of this sort ultimately create the conditions for that failure. The natural laws that govern human action will always lead to this failure, given the starting condition of monopoly that meets the above definition of a State. Its being as such a monopoly, over time, will naturally attract the minority of individuals who consider taking from others through force or fraud a preferred survival strategy. The early stages of their aggressions take on various forms of deception that have become more sophisticated though history, leading of late to central banks, fiat currency, grants of economic and business privileges and so on. In earlier ages religion was often used but that trick is wearing a little thin by now. Eventually as the non-parasitic class becomes aware of the nature of the deceptions and how it has been enslaved, (and eventually it always will happen given the human power of reason, learning and communication: hence the state’s perpetual war against reason, learning, and communication), the system enters into its final stage that America is quickly approaching: overt despotism, and open aggression, being unable to exploit by deception any longer.

Many American Colonists reasoned that they needed some kind of minimalist state in order to survive in a world populated by other aggressive states, not at that time in history being aware of how a strictly voluntary system of exchanges amongst individuals and groups could arise and long endure to solve the primary needs of individual and group security and justice. As is always the case, along side such individuals were those who viewed aggression and deception as a preferred way of life and saw the forming of a state as their opportunity. The dynamic of these two forces, the subsequent struggles that ensued, in the formation of and subverting of the United States is a fascinating study, or as is often said: “ the rest is history”.

For those who want to understand how to form a viable, strictly voluntary contractual society may I suggest they study Ludwig Von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Hans-Hermann Hoppe as a good starting point.

We are at a very exciting moment in human civilization. The State and its thus empowered despotism has never been so vulnerable in known human history. The understanding of how to end the “State” and what to replace it with is well developed. Once the appropriate manifestos/declarations ( I suggest “the Manifesto of the free” as a possible title) are properly formulated and globally communicated in a readily digestible form we could see the rapid, total collapse of State-ism similar to the mostly non-violent collapse of Communistic Eastern Europe and the Soviet block. Given an intact internet This could sweep the planet in a matter of weeks or months.

To put it simply, for we who wish to be FREE, the foundation has been staring us in the face since the beginning of civilization:


To all the States of the world and their allies, let the proclamation sound: All those who initiate aggression or use fraud are declared illegitimate. Your system rests upon that which cannot and ought not to endure. You will no longer be obeyed or served. You who have lived by plunder will plunder us no more. Make restitution and go in peace, or face the consequences of open aggression against your moral and just teachers.

Friends, it is high time that we figuratively fight like “warrior poets” and win our freedom! Let those who stand with me against aggression openly declare to each other”



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