Health Care Debate

People take no offense to these thoughts – my thoughts just like everyone else are molded from many different opinions/facts and individual morals.

Health Care debate –  I have listened, read up, studied, and been bombarded with facts, lies, and half-truths about this.  The far left would like to see universal health care while others want a public option.  The talking heads on the right would like to see certain market-solutions that either barely  bring down costs or pretend to.  In either case what we have now (the best we came up with) is a plan that gives billions to a corrupt (im being nice when i say corrupt)  massive pharma industry.  Also in this provision it forces under law that one must buy into the insurance plan or be faced with a $250,000 fine or face prison time.  It also helps cover at a lower cost millions that were uninsured.  The real question is does the U.S. government have the money to fund a big program as such that will cost over 3/4 of a trillion dollars?  The answer inevitably is a resounding NO!  The U.S. government has $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities (Social security, FDIC, medicare, ect) finding the money for these is already being seen as an impossibility.  Why on earth would we even consider a government-run program while we have 2 wars waging that are costing us hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars to wage?  If it was truly the cause for Obama and democrats to create a government program why not then end these two wars and then figure out our fiscal situation in which to fund a program.  Instead this endless spending goes on with the hope that our future generations will find a way to dig us out of our black hole of debt and government liabilities.  Like a black hole though if we pass more entitlements from the state we reach our event horizon where there will be no way of getting out of this black hole of debt.  Our country and future generations will suffer the consequences.  Let us hope that we have not already reached the event horizon.  Maybe sometime in the future we can fund universal health care or other enormous expansions (I wouldn’t suggest it for many reasons) but our government like any other responsible individual should know we must plan for the future.

Suggested reading : The Henry Ford of Heart Surgery’s —

Those who don’t plan for the future; plan to fail

“My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there.”
Charles F. Kettering



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2 responses to “Health Care Debate

  1. I really hope this health care bill does not pass. More government involvement is not the answer. No government in the history of mankind has been able successfully implement something like this. This has disaster written all over it.

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